What Are Some Laws Unique to the United States?


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The United States functions under the common law legal system in which the law is based on legislative acts and judicial review, and therefore has many legal commonalities with other countries, reports the CIA. For that reason, very few American laws are truly unique to the United States.

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When looking for examples of American laws that truly have no counterpart in any other country, it is the "dumb laws" that are highly unlikely to exist outside the United States, or more specifically, outside a local jurisdiction, reports Business Insider. These obscure laws are often antiquated and address a scenario that is highly unlikely to occur, and are therefore comical today. Many laws that are often cited in Internet circles for their outlandishness actually turn out to be exaggeration or simply urban legend.

However some strange laws really do exist and can be verified to be on the books, notes Business Insider. For example, it is illegal in Iowa to misrepresent margarine as real butter. In Minnesota, trying to catch a greased pig for sport is illegal, while collecting seaweed at night is illegal in New Hampshire. North Carolina laws state that a bingo game can last no longer than five hours, only once within a 48-hour period, and the prize cannot exceed $500, as of 2015.

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