What Are the Laws Regarding Driving Golf Carts in Areas Where ATVs Are Not Allowed?


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Laws regarding driving golf carts in areas that do not allow ATVs differ by state. As of 2016, Texas permits the operation of ATVs on public roads by certain operators, but only if the vehicles have specific safety modifications. The law allows insured and properly modified golf carts on public roads with speed limits of 35 mph or slower, as permitted by municipal laws. Thus,the law permits them in many areas that do not allow ATVs, as detailed on TxDMV.gov.

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Oklahoma Statute 47-1151 permits the use of ATVs on public roads only at crossings between off-road trails. It allows the use of golf carts and government-owned ATVs on city streets if the city has an ordinance concerning their use and the use occurs during daytime. The law prohibits the use of ATVs and golf carts on state highways and subjects violators to a fine of between $10 and $100, as outlined on OK.gov.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explanation of 49 CFR Part 571, a large number of states allow the operation of golf carts on highways and streets under limited conditions, as explained on MTAS.Tennessee.edu; however, Tennessee is not one of those states. Tennessee Annotated Code 55-1-123 requires modifications of golf carts to meet the definition of a low to medium speed vehicle for operation on public roads. Thus,Tennessee law is more restrictive regarding the use of golf carts on roads that do not allow ATVs, since it permits the use of ATVs in certain areas.

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