What Are the Laws Regarding Breeding Different Species of Farm Animals?


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Laws regarding breeding different species of farm or agricultural animals include a law that cows used for dairy breeding must be vaccinated for Brucella abortus, according to the University of Florida IFAS Extension. Those giving the vaccine need to be licensed and accredited veterinarians or regulatory officials.

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What Are the Laws Regarding Breeding Different Species of Farm Animals?
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Another law regarding breeding is that no animal, including agricultural animals, can be bred for the purpose of fighting, says the University of Florida IFAS Extension. Animals cannot be trained, transported, sold or owned for fighting either. Anybody breaking this law can be charged with a third-degree felony. Another law states that anybody who abuses a horse or cow to the extent the breeding ability is permanently disabled can be convicted of a second-degree or third-degree felony.

As of 2015, legislation is making its way through Congress to further protect agricultural animals in research centers, some stipulations of which focus on breeding, explains Michael Moss for The New York Times. For instance, the bill focuses on the cruelty of breeding sheep to give birth to three lambs at a time. This practice of easy care sheep can result in starvation and death of up to 33 percent of the offspring. Another problem the new bill addresses concerns breeding pigs to give birth to more than a dozen young at low-birth weights, which can lead to early death of the piglets.

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