What Are Some Laws Regarding Adoption of Children in Oregon?


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Oregon allows any single or married adult to adopt and any person to be adopted, says Find Law. Prospective parents must get the consent of a child who is 14 years of age or older. Same-sex couples can also adopt as co-parents or as step-parents

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Those seeking to place their children for adoption have the right to choose who the child is placed with, and the natural parents can be actively involved in that process, explains the Oregon Bar Association. The natural parents are entitled to meet with prospective adoptive parents and have all questions answered.

The consent of the natural father may or may not be required, depending on certain circumstances. If his consent is taken, it can be before or after the child is born, says the Oregon Bar Association. The birth mother can consent only after the birth of the child. Natural parents should not sign papers until they are certain of their decision to place their child up for adoption.

Those looking to adopt can do so through a licensed private adoption agency, directly from the birth-parent with the help of any attorney or through the State of Oregon Department of Human Services, says the Oregon Bar Association.

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