What Are the Laws for the Paparazzi When Shooting Videos of Celebrities?


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The laws for the paparazzi shooting videos of celebrities vary by country. In the United States, paparazzi are allowed to take videos as long as they are not trespassing, using a telephoto lens on private property or chasing subjects in cars, according to HG.org.

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What Are the Laws for the Paparazzi When Shooting Videos of Celebrities?
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Generally, photographs or video taken in a public place have protection under the U.S. Constitution as a form of free speech, explains HG.org. Three exceptions to this rule prevent paparazzi from taking video under some circumstances. Police crime scenes are usually prohibited areas for any form of photography because investigators do not want paparazzi interfering with the scene. In places where there is an expectation of privacy, such as a public restroom, paparazzi are not always legally protected when they take video of someone inside. In secured areas, paparazzi are not allowed to take video if it compromises national security.

Additionally, paparazzi are not legally allowed to take videos of celebrities and use them to endorse a product, unless the photographer has the subject's consent, states HG.org. A videographer is not allowed to use a false caption on a video if it contains a libelous statement. In California, lawmakers are considering a law that makes it illegal for paparazzi to harass or take photos of a celebrity's child, even in public spaces, according to Maria Puente for USA Today.

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