What Are the Laws in Oregon for Open Carry?


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Oregon state laws don't directly prohibit residents or visitors from carrying an unconcealed weapon in public unless the individual is a minor or falls into a certain class of felons, according to OregonLaws.org. Oregon law does, however, give local governments the right to prohibit "open carry" of weapons, state OpenCarry.org.

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Oregon is considered a traditional open carry state by OpenCarry.org because the state laws allow open carry of firearms without a permit. Concealed weapons do require a state-issued permit. Oregon Revised State Section 166.250 prohibits concealed weapons, open possession by minors or those convicted of certain felonies, and possession of a firearm readily accessible in the passenger compartment of a vehicle, states OregonLaws.org. If a passenger vehicle doesn't have an available place to store a firearm, the weapon must be stored in a locked glove compartment or console and the key cannot be in the lock.

While the Oregon state law allows open carry of weapons, the cities of Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, Oregon City, Salem and Independence have passed laws that prohibit loaded firearms in all public places, states OpenCarry.org. Other cities have more specific laws banning firearms in certain public places such as parks. Firearms are prohibited in all public buildings in the state except with a concealed-carry license.

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