Why are laws important in our society?


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Laws are important because they keep a society together and functioning. Laws strive to maintain peace and safety among people and provide ways to resolve issues that do arise among individuals. Laws exist to protect people from each other and from themselves as well as to protect the government from harm, to promote certain values and to provide goods and services.

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Why are laws important in our society?
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There are five reasons that laws exist in society. The Harm Principle states that laws exist in part to protect people from violence and abuse. These laws make murder and theft illegal. The Parental Principle states that laws also exist to protect people from themselves. For instance, a law states that all children must go to school, which most children would not naturally do on their own. The Morality Principle states that another reason for laws is to advocate a sense of morality. Laws against hate speech is an example of this principle. The Donation Principle explains the importance of the government using laws to grant certain services and commodities to society and the individuals within it. An example is the laws related to welfare that grant aid to those who are unable to provide for themselves. Finally, laws are important because they protect the government from harm, as explained by the Statist Principle. Treason is illegal under this principle, which helps to keep the government intact and functioning.

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