What Are the Laws on Hog Hunting in Pennsylvania?


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Feral hogs may be shot by anyone with a hunting license in Pennsylvania, at any time, explains a Lancaster Online article. There are no restrictions in any townships or counties in Pennsylvania on hunting wild hogs.

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What Are the Laws on Hog Hunting in Pennsylvania?
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Hogs killed in the wild must be made available to the Game Commission agency and must be reported within 24 hours of the kill, explains FarmProgress.

In 2013, the Governor of Pennsylvania passed a bill that took the regulation of commercial hog hunting out of the hands of the Game Commission and placed it under the jurisdiction of the state Department of Agriculture, explains Lancaster Online. The Game Commission has authority over the management of wild hogs, but those in captivity are under the management of the Department of Agriculture.

There is a proposed ban on importing swine into Pennsylvania and a proposed ban on eventually making it illegal to have captive hogs on one's land, notes Lancaster Online. This, combined with the maintained lack of restriction on wild hog hunting, is part of an attempt to eradicate feral hogs from the state of Pennsylvania, which are not native to the state and which often cause serious problems for both ecology and property, as the Pennsylvania Game Commission explains.

These proposed bans have met much opposition from the commercial hog-hunting community in Pennsylvania, reports Lancaster Online. There is a lot of revenue to be made from hunters looking to hunt captive hogs, but the Game Commission maintains its position that the danger of captive hogs escaping into the wild makes the elimination of commercial hog-hunting necessary.

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