What Are the Laws Governing Alcohol in Florida?


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The state of Florida has extensive rules covering the consumption of alcohol; driving under the influence; the sale and purchase of alcohol; and other various regulations on the topic, according to Renee Chapple for About.com. The drinking age in the state of Florida is the same as the national drinking age for all states, which is 21.

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An 18-year-old in Florida is allowed to work as a bartender or work in a liquor store as long as he is not handling the alcohol himself. In Florida, alcohol is not allowed to be sold by any store on a Sunday. All bars, restaurants or any other establishment with a liquor license are not allowed to sell alcohol between the hours of 3-7 a.m. on any day of the week. The legal BAC limit in Florida is 0.08, and the limit is 0.02 with stricter punishments for all drivers under the age of 21, explains Chapple.

If a person refuses to take a breathalyzer test in Florida, he may suffer severe consequences; Florida officials highly recommend always taking the test. All open containers of alcohol should be in the trunk, and a person is not allowed to drive with an open container in the passenger seat. Penalties include a six-month suspension of a driver's license for a first-time offender and could be as severe as fines and jail time, notes Chapple.

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