What Are Some Laws on Carrying Knives?


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Laws on carrying knives vary based on the city and state, but generally focus on things such as the length of the blade and the type of knife, says Knife Rights. Some of the areas with the most lenient knife-carrying laws are New Hampshire, Utah, Arizona and Alaska. Some places with the strictest laws are New York City, Philadelphia and Cleveland.

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In states such as Arizona, Kansas, Tennessee, Utah and Alaska, people can carry knives with no limitations, as long as the knife is being used legally, notes Knife Rights. Georgia is also a lenient state, though knife blades must be 5 inches or smaller. These areas also have preemption bills, which means local laws can't be passed to be more restrictive than the state law.

Some states don't have the preemption laws, so local ordinances can have more strict knife laws, according to Knife Rights. These states include South Dakota, South Carolina and Arkansas. One of the most restrictive cities in the U.S. for knife carriers is New York City, New York, in which someone carrying a pocket knife can be arrested. Knives are also not allowed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, except for knives used for the person's occupation. In San Antonio, Texas, locking-blade pocket knives are not allowed.

Some places that only allow a 2.5-inch blade are Rocky River, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; Boston Massachusetts; and Chicago, Illinois, says Knife Rights.

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