What Are Some Laws That Aim to Prevent Accidents Caused by Distracted Drivers?

Laws geared to prevent accidents from distracted driving include laws against driving while using a hand-held cellphone, using any kind of cellphone and text messaging, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. These laws are enforced by states, and some states prohibit local districts from enacting their own distracted driving laws.

More than a quarter of U.S. states prohibit the use of hand-held cellphones while driving, says the Governors Highway Safety Association. All these laws are primary enforcement laws, which means that law enforcement officers can stop drivers for this infraction without any other traffic offense taking place.

Not a single state bans all cellphone use for all drivers, explains the Governors Highway Safety Association. A majority of the states, however, ban all cellphone use for novice drivers, and two-fifths of U.S. states ban all cellphone use for school bus drivers. Almost all states ban drivers from text messaging while driving. In all but a handful of states, these are primary enforcement laws. Of the few states that do not have laws banning text messaging for all drivers, some have laws against novice drivers doing this while driving, and one state has a law against school bus drivers text messaging while on the road.