Is It a Law That You Have to Recycle?


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On the federal level, there is no law that mandates citizens of the United States to recycle. However, many local municipalities introduce recycling requirements within their communities. For example, some states ban certain materials from landfills, thereby encouraging community members to recycle these items or find another means of disposal.

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Some items cannot be recycled via conventional methods, nor can they be disposed of in a landfill. Electronic devices such as computer monitors and cell phones, for example, must be sent to specialized facilities where the plastics are separated from the metals. Only then can the materials be properly recycled.

One alternative to recycling is composting. Composting is a process in which organic matter is left to decay. The leftover waste can be used as a plant fertilizer. Examples of compostable materials include lawn clippings, vegetable skins and coffee grounds.

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