Where Are Some of the Largest U.S. Military Bases?

Fort Bragg, Fort Campbell and Fort Hood are the largest U.S. military bases by population according to figures from 2013. Joint Base Lewis-McChord and Fort Benning are the next largest.

Fort Bragg is west of Fayetteville, North Carolina. It has a population of 238,646 that includes 52,280 active-duty soldiers. It covers 163,000 acres in area.

Fort Campbell, on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee, has the second largest population of any U.S. military base, including 234,914 inhabitants. It spans 105,000 acres and houses the 101st Airborne Division Air Assault.

Fort Hood, located in Texas between Austin and Waco, has a population of 217,003 and covers 214,968 acres. It is a mobilization station for the National Guard and Army Reserve.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord is a consolidation of Fort Lewis and the McChord Air Force Base located on the Puget Sound in Washington. It has a population of 209,486 and covers 414,000 acres. The Air Force uses the C-17A Globemaster III for both combat and humanitarian transport all over the world from Lewis-McChord.

Fort Benning, in the area of Columbus, Georgia, and Phenix City, Alabama, is home to 107,627 people and covers an area of 182,000 acres. It is the home of the Armour and Infantry units.