What Are Some Large Bullet Manufacturers?


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Large bullet manufacturers include Alliance Techsystems, the Browning Arms Company, Nosler, Remington Arms, BAE Systems Land & Armaments, Sierra Bullets, Norma Precision and the Hodgdon Powder Company, according to Wikipedia. Bullet makers such as Alliant Techsystems and BAE Systems Land & Armaments also manufacture components for the aerospace and defense industries.

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Along with Fabrique Nationale of Belgium, the Browning Arms Company manufactures arms and bullets using the legendary Winchester brand. The two firms are subsidiaries of the Herstal Group. Some of their best-known products include the Winchester White Box full metal jacket bullets and the Winchester SXT hollow point bullets, according to Midway USA, a major arms and ammunition retailer.

The "Nosler" is used on products from Nosler Reloading, Nosler Custom and Nosler Inc, according to Wikipedia. The brand is best known for its iconic and highly effective Partition bullets. Apart from ammunition, the company also makes custom hunting rifles.

Remington Arms is one of the oldest ammunition manufacturers in the United States, according to Wikipedia. The company was founded in 1916 and makes everything from air rifles to revolvers. Some of Remington Arms' best known bullets, according to Midway USA, include the Remington Golden Saber jacketed hollow-point bullets and the Remington UMC full metal jacket bullets.

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