What Are Some Land Zoning Definitions?

What Are Some Land Zoning Definitions?

Some land zoning symbols and their meanings include C for commercial, I for industrial and R for residential zoning. Zoning categories may also include numbers that give more information regarding the particular region. Definitions and symbols of land zoning may vary from one state to another, notes FindLaw.

Zoning laws often affect the number of animals or pets allowed in an area. They also affect taxation policies and the proximity of some businesses to others, reports FindLaw.

Residential zoning includes single family homes, suburban homesteads, apartments, duplexes and trailer parks. Residential zoning laws may affect the number of homes allowed in a given area and the types or number of animals that can be reared or kept as pets.

Commercial zoning includes property such as hotels, night clubs, shops, warehouses and offices. Commercial zoning laws may affect issues such as areas that can legally organize adult entertainment and distance between certain types of businesses.

Agricultural zoning usually includes regions that mainly practice agriculture in any form. This type of zoning helps the government determine areas that qualify for agricultural incentives such as subsidies. Agriculture zoning laws may restrict land to agricultural use only. These laws may also protect farmers from being isolated by residential or commercial developments.