What Are Some Known Human Rights Violations in the United States?


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Although the United States has strong Constitutional protections, there are frequent reports of rights violations in the areas of criminal justice, immigration and national security, reports Human Rights Watch. The organization also lists specific violations within these broad areas, such as harsh prison sentencing, racial disparities in criminal justice, the infringement of privacy rights of those who possess or use drugs, and discrimination on the basis of sexual or gender identity.

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The American Civil Liberties Union has called attention to more specific violations mentioned in a 2015 United Nations report. According to the report, the United States has detained immigrant families as a method to deter unwanted immigration. Other reported violations involve police brutality as well as excessive use of force against ethnic minorities and unarmed persons. The ACLU also notes that a Senate report has called on the Obama administration to investigate cases of torture and provide proper redress of grievances, even though many of the highlighted allegations are as yet unproven. Echoing the UN report, the ACLU mentions that in cases of national security, criminal justice, immigration policy, and social and economic rights, the United States has a poor record of upholding basic rights when compared to other liberal democracies.

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