Is Kixify Legal?


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Kixify, an online clearinghouse for sneakers and tennis shoes, is a legally operating business. However, the business itself does not authenticate products being sold on the site. Like other online commerce sites, Kixify simply connects buyers and sellers, providing little guarantee that products sold are legitimate.

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Kixify allows sellers to set up virtual storefronts to sell sneakers and tennis shoes. The main target consumer is tennis shoe collectors. The concern most users have when purchasing name-brand products, such as tennis shoes, is the authenticity of the product itself. Savvy buyers can tell the difference between pirated and authentic merchandise, but casual shoppers are at risk of being scammed by sellers. Because of Kixify's terms of use, Kixify is not held liable if a seller is dishonest about a product. Some users have complained about a failure to deliver products, counterfeit merchandise, and a lack of responsiveness from sellers. The Better Business Bureau has received complaints about Kixify, and the business is not accredited by the BBB.

Because Kixify itself does not offer any warranty or protection for purchasers, buyers should use caution when entering into contracts with sellers. Kixify will, when appropriate, intervene in the event of a dispute between buyers and sellers.

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