What Kinds of Health Conditions Does Vocational Rehabilitation Treat?


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Vocational rehabilitation services treat persons dealing with health conditions such as mental illness, alcoholism or drug addiction. Vocational rehabilitation programs also help those coping with a myriad of disabilities such as hearing impairment, intellectual and developmental impairments and physical injuries that restrict use of one or more body parts. They also assist people with learning disabilities due to traumatic brain injuries and other reasons.

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Vocational rehabilitation programs are designed to help people coping with challenging health conditions prepare for gainful employment. First, the individual receives a medical and psychological evaluation to find what type of job roles are best for his level of skills. The program participant then gets appropriate counseling and guidance from experts, and undergoes recommended skills training as needed. Vocational rehabilitation plans are customized for each individual in the program. Some participants might require rehabilitation therapy sessions, and others might receive trade school training.

One positive aspect of vocational rehabilitation programs is that program participants are able to decide what occupations they desire to pursue and then receive support for those goals. VR program participants are encouraged to set small goals and work towards achieving each one. Participants should take full advantage of counseling sessions by asking specific questions, seeking advice and having honest discussions about employment history.

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