What Kinds of Family Planning Resources Are Available in the Philippines?


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In the Philippines, the government promotes a family planning program that offers free access to surgical and medical contraceptives, as well as family planning advice. Laws introduced in 2012 allow for this, although they do face some opposition.

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In 2012, laws passed in the Philippines allowed for free access to contraceptives and sexual health advice. The Family Planning Organization of the Philippines is a non-governmental organization that offers long-term surgical contraceptives, medical contraceptives and family planning advice. It achieves this through mobile and stationary clinics throughout the country. Both the Filipino government and private organizations fund access to family planning resources. Although it's legal for women to terminate a pregnancy, some face restricted access to services due to opposition groups.

Some organizations and groups, including the Catholic Church, oppose the laws that allow Filipino citizens to access free family planning. Despite this, organizations using the law to provide free access to family planning services have delivered them to tens of thousands of people. In 2011, FPOP delivered 300,000 sexual health services, 339,000 condoms, 17,000 HIV services and 69,000 services to people under the age of 25. While contraceptives were previously accessible to those who could afford them, the law makes it easier for those on a low income to control their fertility.

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