What Kind of Slang Do Gangs Use?


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Gangs use different sorts of slang words and hand signals that are unique to each group. Some general terms include "gat" (a gun), "strapped" (carrying a gun), "turf/kingdom" (gang’s claimed area), "slippin" (gang member letting his guard down) and "OG" (original gangster, being related to the stereotypical 1970s gangster's lifestyle).

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Area codes are also widely used when pinpointing one's geographical location. Likewise, if people refer to each other as "cuz," you have likely stepped into Crip territory (a gang originating in Southern California).

When prospects join their gang of choice, males only have the option to be "beat in" as initiation by fighting multiple established members. Females, on the other hand, have that option plus they can also be "sexed in," or have sex with member(s) or leadership.

Not all gangsters have "mad juice" or respect for their gang. In this case, leaders will "put ‘em in check," or discipline that member by issuing a "violation," a punishment for breaking the rules.

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