What Kind of Products Does the Army & Navy Store Sell?

Army & Navy stores sell all kinds of products, ranging from denim jeans, t-shirts and sweaters to ammunition and gun cleaning equipment. The main difference between where you can buy particular merchandise has to do mostly with whether you purchase items online or in a brick and mortar store.

From the comfort of your own home, simply go online to www.armynavysales.com and browse through their extremely impressive catalogue. Military clothing, knives, ammo clips and law enforcement gear are just a few of the items that are only two clicks away from being in your shopping cart. Find all you need for your next big camping trip. They also offer collectible merchandise, like flags, patches and re-enactment gear.

If a brick and mortar establishment is more your style, stores such as the Princeton Army Navy store in Princeton, NJ are a great place to shop. This outfit stocks boots, camouflage gear and military style jackets, pants and fatigues. They also offer duffel bags and backpacks in many varieties, as well as accessories like Swiss Army knives, canteens and sleeping bags. The owners of Princeton Army Navy also pride themselves, as most Army Navy store owners do, on customer service and satisfaction.