What Kind of Lawyer Handles Lawsuits Against Schools?

An education or administrative law attorney can represent clients who want to file a lawsuit against a school, explains Legal Match. Lawsuits are usually filed if a child's rights have been violated by a public school.

There are usually three different types of lawsuits surrounding disabilities and special education: bullying, sexual harassment and student discipline, says Legal Match.

For disabilities and special education, a parent can sue to protect the rights that disabled students are guaranteed on behalf of the school district. In bullying and sexual harassment situations, a parent could sue if a child is repeatedly bullied and the school does nothing about it. Also, a parent can sue if his child has been subject to aggressive and harassing remarks. If a parent feels their child has been wrongly disciplined, they can sue the school district for damages or for an order to reverse the disciplinary decision made by the school district, concludes Legal Match.