What Kind of Criminal Charges Can Send You to Jail?


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Criminal charges that can get a person sent to jail depend on the country and other circumstances, such as the person's age or mental capacity. However, there are a few crimes that will get you time in jail in most countries. These include murder, serious acts of violence and arson.

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Most criminal charges that can send a person to jail involve crimes that cause serious physical harm, such as domestic assault and murder. These are known as violent crimes. Other violent crimes include: manslaughter, assault with intent to commit murder, assault with intent to commit rape, sexual abuse, abusive sexual contact, kidnapping, robbery, extortion, arson, carjacking and firearms use and/or possession, according to YourRightsCount.com.

Some violent crimes can be further categorized. For example, murder can be categorized in three ways: murder in the first degree, murder in the second degree or murder in the third degree. Punishment and length of jail sentence in circumstances such as murder are dependent on the way a crime is categorized. First degree crimes typically cause the criminal to be given a longer jail sentence. In conjunction with this, third degree crimes typically cause the criminal to be given a shorter jail sentence, though there are exceptions.

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