What Kind of Assistance Can You Get If You Need Help Paying Your Bills?


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Rent, utilities and food assistance are forms of assistance available for people needing help with bills. Assistance is available through religious organizations, community outreach programs, city food banks and county sponsored programs.

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Seeking assistance to pay bills and receiving that assistance depends greatly on several factors regarding the financial history of the applicant. There is no credit check, but if the applicant has applied and received assistance in the past, they may not be eligible for current assistance on utilities or rent and mortgage payments.

Paperwork proving the debt and current financial situation of the applicant is necessary to prove the need for financial help. If the applicant is past due on their utilities and has not exceeded the amount of assistance they are eligible for through the assistance program, they may be able to receive a partial or full payment on their utilities to keep or restore power to the home.

Food assistance is available for those families in need that may not be able to pay for their utilities as well as their household nutrition needs. These services generally have no limitation and are available through outreach programs, churches, food banks and soup kitchens. Food assistance is available in the form of non-monetary assistance with a certain amount of food donated to the family.

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