What Are Some Key Voting Regulations in Washington State?


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Washington is one of 32 states that require voters to provide some form of identification to register to vote. Applicants for driver licenses and Washington identification cards may register to vote at the licensing service office.

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To be eligible to register to vote in Washington, the registrant must be a resident of Washington, a U.S. citizen and be 18 years of age. The registrant may register to vote in person, by mail or online. To vote in person, the registrant must contact the county elections board. A valid Washington driver license or identification card is required to register.

Washington conducts its elections by mail. Despite this, every county is required to open at least one polling place with one working voting machine for reach primary and election. The polling places must be properly staffed and the machines kept operational from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. regardless of the number of voters who show up.

Anyone who is unable to provide any of the required documentation forms of identification must be provided with a provisional ballot that is issued if the voter’s signature matches the signature on record. The voter is allowed to take the provisional ballot into the voting booth and supplies his name and address on the ballot before leaving. If, for some reason the ballot is not counted, the voter must receive notification explaining why. The state has special provisions for students away at college and members of the military who are away from home.

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