What Are the Key Traits of Totalitarianism?

The key traits of totalitarianism are a one-party rule with a dictatorship, a dynamic leader, an ideology that sets the goals of the state, and methods of law enforcement that ultimately censor what people can read and watch. Furthermore, it includes modern technology and state control of religion and education.

Totalitarianism is when one-party rules an entire country by way of one dictator, who is often very popular and encouraging. This system of government ends up having complete control on all individuals within the society; they terrorize them and control what they read, watch and absorb. For example, the state controls what religion people practice as well as what they learn in school.

The ideology that they have is usually meant to completely abolish and abandon old laws and commend and applaud the new dictator.

The modern technology that they have is not for the people. Instead, it's for the government in order to enforce the laws. For example, a totalitarian government might have an advanced military weapons system in order to keep its people in line.

Often times, the people working for the government are moved around in order to keep a chaotic regime. This ensures that the dictator remains in power, while the people have a hard time doing anything about it.