What Are Some Key Points of the Libertarian Theory of Politics?

What Are Some Key Points of the Libertarian Theory of Politics?

Libertarians believe that a government's only purpose should be to protect its citizens' rights. They generally support civil liberties and believe in a decentralized, minimally sized government. Libertarians tend to support privatization of services.

In general, libertarians believe that each individual has the right to security in liberty, property and life. The libertarian theory supports a society in which individuals can pursue their own interests as long as they respect others' rights. Libertarians support limiting government power, often through a constitution, and they believe that a free market is the best way for individuals to be free and prosper.

Libertarians are against war, as it disrupts the economy and family life, while placing more power into the hands of those ruling a nation.

There are different schools of thought within libertarianism. Civil libertarians believe that governments should not pass laws that restrict or oppress people in their daily lives. Their interests are represented in the United States by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Fiscal libertarianism focuses on finance and the economy. These libertarians support free trade, minimal taxes, and little or no corporate regulation.

Geolibertarians generally support removing all income and sales taxes and replacing them with a land rental tax. They support the use of this tax revenue in maintaining collective interests, such as a country's military defense.

Libertarian socialists agree with the idea of minimizing government involvement in citizens' lives, but they believe labor unions and work-share co-operatives should rule a given country, as opposed to corporations.