Do Judges Get Endorsements When Running for Election?

Do Judges Get Endorsements When Running for Election?

State and local judicial candidates receive endorsements when running for election or re-election from bar associations and local newspapers. Federal judges are appointed, not elected, but even the American Bar Association evaluates these judges before being appointed by the president.

The Chicago Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Committee evaluates all candidates for judge running on the Cook County ballot. After the judicial candidates undergo an established evaluation process, the Chicago Bar Association publishes the Green Guide, which contains a rating of each judicial candidate, the rationale for that rating and a detailed explanation of the evaluation process.

The Pennsylvania Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Commission also endorses judicial candidates seeking election to Pennsylvania’s appellate courts. The judicial candidate ratings offered for candidates by the Pennsylvania Bar Association include highly recommended, recommended or not recommended.

Pennsylvania also has rules about whether or not a judicial candidate can actively seek endorsements. Pennsylvania permits judicial candidates, or their committees, to seek endorsements from individuals, businesses, organizations or even other judges. Pennsylvania also allows judicial candidates to campaign together, as of 2015.

The Sacramento Bee also endorses judicial candidates. These endorsements come from the editorial board of the newspaper and not from the same people who report on judicial elections.