What Is Joseph McCarthy Famous For?

joseph-mccarthy-famous Credit: Jeremy T. Hetzel/CC-BY 2.0

Joseph McCarthy launched an anti-Communist crusade in the 1950s, accusing government officials and citizens alike of adopting Communist practices and forming alliances with the Soviet Union. Joseph McCarthy's anti-Communist crusade is the origin of the term "McCarthyism." McCarthy launched attacks on prominent figures, including Republicans and Democrats, and did not even spare President Dwight D. Eisenhower from accusations of embodying Communist principles.

Joseph McCarthy grew up in Wisconsin. He was born on November 15, 1908 on a small farm, where he lived out his childhood years. Despite living in a farming family, McCarthy showed more interest in business and sales. His entrepreneurial spirit helped McCarthy establish his own business as a teenager. Following the collapse of that business, McCarthy served as a store manager. He later attended and graduated from law school, then joined the Marines to fight in World War II. McCarthy returned to pursue another career, this time in politics. McCarthy won a seat as Republican Senator of Wisconsin, which opened the door for his extravagant investigations. With the help of supporters, McCarthy ascended to position of chairman of the Committee on Government Operations. He publicly accused government agencies and high-profile officials of close ties with the Soviet Union and adoption of Communist practices. Despite making numerous accusations, McCarthy failed to provide substantial evidence supporting his claims. The mid-1950s found Americans largely dissuaded by McCarthy, and weary of his ruthless tactics and unsupported accusations.