How Do You Join a Class Action Settlement Suit and Make a Claim?


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In most class action lawsuits, class members do not join in a class action settlement suit to claim a share, they simply choose not to opt out of the lawsuit to become participants in the suit. However, there are rare occasions where a class action suit requires members to participate in the suit by opting in through the use of a claim form, as noted by Class Action Litigation Information.

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Before a class action suit can progress, a judge needs to approve it by making sure that the suit meets all the requirements. For example, to be a class action suit, the number of class members affected by the defendant must be numerous enough that it makes it difficult for a court system to hear every case against this same defendant, as noted by Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein. Secondly, a class member must show that he had a similar experience with the defendant as the other members.

Once a class action suit exists about a certain issue that affects a large group of people, class members may receive a written notice naming them as part of a class action lawsuit against a certain company or defendant. An example of such a case is being a class member in a lawsuit against a company that made a defective item during a particular time period, during which the defective item was bought by a member. For these types of cases, members do not have to do anything. However, if they choose to opt out, then they need to provide written notice of their decision.

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