How do you join the Army Nurse Corps?


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To join the Army's Nurse Corps, sign up for service with a recruiter or complete an online application for the Army, pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, and complete military entrance processing. Once you are sworn in as a soldier and complete basic training, apply to become a member of the Army's Nurse Corps through the military.

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  1. Join the Army

    Complete an online application or sign up to join the Army with a local recruiter. After filling out paperwork and submitting proof of identification, you must pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, which measures knowledge and ability and is ultimately a determining factor in which area of the Army a person best fits.

  2. Finalize processing

    Finalize the process of joining the Army or the Army Reserve by completing the military entrance processing, which includes a physical exam, selection of occupational specialty and being sworn in as a soldier. As a member of the Army or Reserve forces, you need to successfully complete basic training as well.

  3. Apply to the Nurse Corps

    Obtain a bachelor's degree in nursing once enlisted in the Army or prior to entrance into the service. With nursing certification, you can then apply to join the Army Nurse Corps by submitting a request to commanding officers and undergoing a series of interviews.

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