What Are Some Jobs for Felons in Maryland?

What Are Some Jobs for Felons in Maryland?

Jobs for felons in Maryland include food service, retail and delivery services. Seeking jobs with local businesses, finding employment through friends and starting a business are also viable options for felons in Maryland.

A wide variety of chain restaurants in Maryland hire felons, though this varies depending on location. Longhorn Steakhouse, McDonalds, Red Robin, Golden Corral and IHOP all hire felons without restrictions. Other restaurants, including Olive Garden and Red Lobster, hire felons in some locations. Restaurants such as Applebee?s and Aramark hire felons convicted of nonviolent offenses.

Many retail chains in Maryland also hire felons. Walmart and Sears both hire felons at many locations. Target hires felons without violent offenses, while Macy?s hires felons free of violent or drug-related offenses. Goodwill stores hire felons without restrictions. Many UPS locations also hire felons for delivery, package handling and administrative positions.

Seeking employment with local small businesses is often a better route for felons. Some smaller businesses do not run background checks and are sometimes willing to hire a felon based on his engagement with the community or the recommendation of another employee.

Another options is for a felon to start his own business, particularly if he possesses a specialized skill set. Skills such as plumbing, painting or computer repair are all viable options for new businesses.