How Do You Find Jobs That Are Available in the Military? offers a website that lists all possible jobs and careers in the military service. A recruiter for the military can also provide listings, along with requirements such as tests scores and experience needed to obtain each job in the listing and a description of the tasks that job may require.

The United States Army and Military Services offers training in more than 150 different career paths for each individual branch of the military for an active duty soldier. Soldiers have access to all of them, including jobs in art, science, intelligence, combat, aviation, engineering and law. Each career path also offers advancement opportunities.

Some general qualifications a person pursuing a job in the military must fulfill include being at least 17 years of age and a United States citizen. Being in adequate mental and physical condition is important, as is having a clean legal record. Having a high school diploma or a general education degree is also required. Certain positions, such as positions targeting specific skill sets, may require higher education or more extensive background checks.

Jobs are also available on base after joining for those unable to immediately secure a position or for spouses of military personnel. Jobs can also be located through job fairs in a specific area, according to