What are some of the jobs available in the Air Force?


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The United States Air Force has many jobs available, including jobs in Aviation, Electronics, Administration, Mechanics and Healthcare. Military.com lists and describes some Air Force enlisted and officer careers.

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The vast array of Air Force careers are divided into categories and subcategories. Under the Enlisted category are the subcategories Mechanical, Administrative, Electronics and General. Under the Officer category are the subcategories Flight, Nontechnical, Specialty and Technical. Under the Healthcare category fall the positions Physician, Nursing, Dentistry, Allied Health and Health Services Administrator/Hospital Administrator.

Airfield Management Apprentices work with pilots and assist them in landing, taxiing and taking off. Aviation Resource Management Apprentices schedule refueling, airlift, bombing and fighter missions with pilots and other Air Force personnel. Aircraft Structural Maintenance Apprentices determine and report damage to aircraft before repair. These are just a few of the many apprenticeships available in the enlisted ranks.

There are many careers available for officers in the Air Force, including piloting aircraft such as bombers and helicopters. Piloting positions for officers include Fighter Pilot, Special Operations Pilot, Airlift Pilot, Helicopter Pilot and more. Officers can also find careers in the Nontechnical category such as Management, Programming and Planning, Logistics, Supply, Security and Intelligence. Officers can also become Chaplains, Psychologists, Scientists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Dermatologists and more.

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