How Do You Find a Job As a Security Officer?

job-security-officer Credit: Isantilli/iStock/Getty Images

Online job-search websites such as CareerBuilder and Indeed list security officer positions. Search job listings by entering the desired city and state or ZIP code, or browse all listings to find jobs across the United States. Both websites offer armed and unarmed positions in airport security, data security, bank security and more, as of 2015.

G4S, one of the world's leading security companies and private sector employers, also posts a listing of security officer positions online, according to the company website. The company provides security for the nuclear power industry, private security patrols and security at maritime ports. It also offers security officer positions in hospitals and positions assisting border-patrol agents in transporting detained individuals.

Typically, security officers patrol public buildings, retail stores and businesses to protect the occupants and contents against criminal activity, such as vandalism, terrorism and theft, states the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Typical job duties include monitoring a property from a stationary position using audio-visual surveillance, or patrolling an area to protect against unauthorized intrusions. Some security officers work as gaming-surveillance agents, monitoring casinos for cheating and theft, while others work as guards on armored cars.

Entry-level security officer positions usually require a high school diploma or equivalent degree, and some positions require experience in audio and video technology, reports the BLS. Additionally, most states require that security officers be licensed, states G4S.