What Are Some Job Descriptions for Army Occupations?


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Some of the many specialist jobs in the United States Army include cannon crew members, who initiate and maintain communications by wire and radio, identify target locations and work on howitzer cannons, and avionic mechanics, who are involved in the maintenance of equipment for tactical communications-security, navigation and flight control. In addition to enlisted specialisms, there are a number of administrative roles, such as finance specialists, who are responsible for payroll, financial transactions and budgeting, and chaplain assistants, who assist with the Unit Ministry Team programs by providing support to chaplains.

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There are 11 broad categories of enlisted specialisms in the U.S. Army. These are construction; combat; electronic/electrical repair; engineering; science and technical; health care; human resource development; machine operator and production; media and public affairs; protective services; transportation and supply services; and machine and vehicle mechanics.

Among enlisted personnel involved in transportation and supply services are parachute riggers. These are responsible for checking and maintaining parachutes and aircraft life support equipment, as well as equipment for air-sea rescue.

In the media and public affairs category are civil affairs specialists, who supervise the planning of civil affairs related documents. Personnel in the category of machine operator and production include machinists, who build and repair or modify machine parts.

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