What Is the Job Description for a Navy Seal?


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The job description of a Navy Seal involves special reconnaissance, direct-action warfare, counter-terrorism and foreign internal defense activities. A Navy Seal is a military expert trained for highly intense and challenging combat capabilities above and beyond the skills of a standard military operative.

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Navy Seals are required to participate in elite-level maritime military activities and all forms of unconventional warfare. They have to be prepared to provide immediate military assistance for critical situations arising in any part of the globe. The job involves conducting extractions and insertions by air, sea or land to accomplish special operations or warfare missions and covert operations. A Navy Seal may be required to collect confidential information and intelligence via special reconnaissance operations and, if needed, capture terrorists and high-level enemy personnel.

The job also requires carrying out direct-action operations of small units against appointed military targets. Underwater operations and the destruction of man-made or natural obstacles before amphibious landings are also part of the job description. Navy Seals are required to fight in all kinds of environments and terrain and have to know how to use a combination of specialist tactics and equipment in order to complete the assigned special mission directives. To qualify for the job, an applicant must be a U.S. citizen and meet physical requirements.

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