Who Is Jim Tom Hedrick?

Jim Tom Hedrick is a cast member of Discovery Channel's "Moonshiners," which provides a detailed look at illegal liquor production in the Appalachian Mountains. The show, which is centered largely in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, examines rye whiskey production, law evasion techniques and the region's lengthy moonshining history.

Hedrick is somewhat of a folk hero on the show and in the Graham Country, North Carolina, moonshining community; he is renowned for his wit, experience and contributions to the Appalachian corn liquor culture. Throughout his life, Jim Tom has supplemented his moonshining business by working in several different fields, including stints as a biker, a pilot, a HAM radio operator and a musician.

In the space between seasons two and three, Hedrick splits from his partners Jeff and Mark after an intense argument and goes into business for himself. He initially works with a newcomer named Wayne, but in later episodes operates his business with the help of a secondary character named Roy. Jim Tom's folksy storytelling and wizened, raspy voice consistently delight the Discovery channel audience, while his 60 plus years of experience in the moonshining community often provides "Moonshiners" episodes with much of their heart and soul.