What Is JailTracker?

JailTracker is a jail and corrections management system that provides instant access to information about jail and prison facilities, offender population, and the status of inmates within or outside of an affiliated facility. The JailTracker software also lets law enforcement agencies, jails and correctional facilities publicize inmate information, such as physical description, scheduled date of release and offense history.

Digitech Services Inc., a public safety company that designs and produces software for the public safety market, created JailTracker for day-to-day management of jail and corrections systems in and outside of the United States. The software helps with management of a modern jail system, including information on booking, release, release date and parole date calculations, charge history, and inmate tracking.

InterAct acquired JailTracker in 2012 and released updated JailTracker software that allows the public to access sex offender registries and inmate information without logging in to the law enforcement websites. The JailTracker system also provides a link to VINELink.com, the online version of Victim Information and Notification Everyday, that lets victims receive up-to-date notifications regarding criminal cases and the custody status of offenders.

Commonly utilized by county jails and corrections facilities, JailTracker provides information from a wide array of county sheriff's office websites and detention centers, such as Mason County Detention Center, Union County Jail and the Franklin County Regional Jail.