How Do You Find Jail Records for Warren County?

The Warren County Regional Jail in Kentucky provides current and past jail records of inmates on its online information system. The county's lookup tool includes the inmate's name, age, court date and a photo.

To find jail records for Warren County, navigate to, and click Inmates in Jail Past and Present. On the Online Information System, click on the Click to Continue To Site link at the end of the disclaimer. The page shows a list of the inmates currently incarcerated inside the regional county jail and also indicates whether inmates are county, state or federal inmates. The user can search current and past inmates by using the alphabetic A-Z last name search tool. The searcher has the option to search an inmate by name or by keying in a date range.

Most inmates in jail await court trials and serve shorter sentences. After a court trial, authorities decide whether to incarcerate an inmate in a county jail or transfer the inmate to a federal or state prison facility. The Warren County online information system details each inmate’s custody status to show if the jail is holding the inmate or if the inmate awaits transfer to prison at a later date.