What Items Do Care Packages for Jail Inmates Typically Include?

Inmate care packages sent from approved care package providers often include hygiene products, snack foods, basic clothing articles, small electronics, books and art supplies. Security precautions and prison management require that friends and family members send all care packages through third-party providers authorized by each particular corrections facility, notes the Law Dictionary.

Most jails and prisons contract third-party providers to deliver care packages purchased for inmates by their loved ones, explains the Law Dictionary. Many corrections facilities also impose limits on the number of care packages an inmate may receive and the number of items contained in a package. Before ordering a package, a sender should contact the individual facility to learn which regulations are in place.

Two primary care-package providers are Union Supply Direct and Access Securepak. Union Supply Direct ships packages with approved products to inmates in 18 states, and an individual can order these packages through a provider's website. All items available for purchase from Union Supply Direct have received approval from the states and facilities it services, according to the company's website. Similarly, Access Securepak offers care package delivery to inmates at corrections facilities in 42 states, and packages are available for purchase through the provider's website. In addition, the Access Securepak website also offers kosher and halal items for inmate care packages.