What Are Some Items in the Bill of Rights?


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Some items in the Bill of Rights are Amendment 1, which refers to freedom of religion and free speech and Amendment 2, which upholds citizens' right to bear arms. Amendment 4 protects against unlawful search and seizure, and Amendment 6 guarantees the right to a trial by jury.

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The First Amendment prohibits Congress from interfering with religious freedom and ensures freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the right to address the government. The Fourth Amendment says that a government agency must have a warrant before it can search or seize the property of a citizen. The Sixth Amendment states that anyone accused of a criminal offense not only has the right to an impartial jury, but that he also has the right to legal counsel.

The Bill of Rights is made up of the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The amendments were written by James Madison and became a part of the Constitution in 1791. Many people had expressed a desire to keep the federal government's power in check by setting specific limitations. The protections and freedoms granted to citizens through the Bill of Rights are considered to be fundamental parts of democracy in the United States.

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