What Are Some Issues on the Ohio Ballot?


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Ballot measures approved for the Nov. 3, 2015 ballot election in Ohio include the Ohio Bipartisan Redistricting Commission Amendment and the Ohio Initiated Monopolies Amendment. The former concerns redistricting efforts in Ohio's legislative districts, while the latter is aimed at limiting economic monopolies in Ohio.

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The Ohio Bipartisan Redistricting Commission Amendment seeks to produce a bipartisan redistricting commission composed of seven members that is intended to redraw state legislative districts in Ohio. The amendment would ensure that at least two members of the redistricting committee are members of the minority party in the Ohio legislature. Amendments such as this one seek to eliminate instances of gerrymandering and provide for more equitable legislative districts.

The Ohio Initiated Monopolies Amendment is proposed by the Ohio legislature in order to place extra hurdles upon passing citizen initiatives deemed capable of producing an economic monopoly or providing special privileges to non-public individuals or corporations. The amendment requires such citizen initiatives to pass two ballot questions, one of which specifically asks for authorization to permit the formation of economic monopolies. The Ohio Initiated Monopolies Amendment was designed by the Ohio legislature to neutralize a citizen-initiated Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative considered for the Nov. 3, 2015 ballot.

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