What Are Some Issues Generally Included in the Democratic Party Platform?


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Issues covered in the Democratic Party platform as of 2015 include social welfare, workers' rights, civil rights, renewable energy and foreign policy. Democrats also maintain certain stances on issues that both parties tend to make a part of their respective platforms, like gay marriage and abortion.

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Democrats tend to push liberal positions on the economy. In the American context, that means that they prefer the federal government to have more control over the economy. They also tend to prefer higher taxes in exchange for more social welfare programs for citizens. Democrats argue this reduces inequality in American society by giving help to those with lower incomes who may be struggling, while taxing those with more money. In general, Democrats tend to side with labor unions over big business.

Democrats firmly believe in man-made climate change. They support working to make more of the nation's energy come from renewable resources such as wind and solar power, and frequently include alternative energy in their campaign platforms.

On the foreign policy side, Democrats generally favor diplomatic approaches with other countries and prefer the use of economic sanctions to the use of military force.

The party has a history of defending civil rights. It supports gay marriage and defends a woman's right to have an abortion.

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