What Is Issue 2 in Ohio About?


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Ohio’s Issue 2 was a proposed anti-monopoly amendment to the Ohio Constitution that was designed to protect against using the initiative process for personal economic benefit. The amendment passed in the November 2015 Ohio general election.

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Issue 2 was introduced as a joint resolution of the General Assembly and attempted to amend Section 1e of Article II of the Ohio Constitution. Although the amendment contained several provisions, the major context of the amendment was to prevent individuals and entities from using the Ohio Constitution to grant a monopoly, oligopoly or cartel for exclusive financial benefit or preferential tax treatment. It further precluded such individuals and entities from obtaining commercial interests and rights not available to other similarly situated people.

Issue 2 was closely tied to Issue 3, which would have amended the Constitution to allow for the commercial production and sale of marijuana in Ohio for limited purposes, including recreational and medicinal use. The primary concern was that it would allow a network of only 10 authorized facilities to grow and distribute marijuana to a statewide network of retailers. Issue 2 was created to address concerns that the marijuana amendment would grant a monopoly to marijuana growing and distribution facilities. Issue 3 failed to pass in the 2015 Ohio general election.

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