How Do You Find IRS Auctions?

How Do You Find IRS Auctions?

Find IRS auctions by locating the IRS auction page on the U.S. Department of the Treasury website, choosing the category of the item you seek and noting the date, time and location of the sale. Some items have photos or addresses where buyers can view the items before the auction.

  1. Locate the IRS auction page

    On the main page of the U.S. Department of the Treasury website, click Services on the upper toolbar, and click Auctions on the drop-down menu. In the middle of the Treasury Auctions page, under the phrase "Property auctioned by the Internal Revenue Service," click on Real Estate, Vehicles, and Other Merchandise.

  2. Choose a category

    From the list of all upcoming IRS real and personal property sales, select the correct category of auction items. They are listed in categories such as antiques, art, jewelry, collectibles, vehicles, commercial and industrial properties and equipment, real estate, and other categories as items become available. This page also lists specific cities in which upcoming auctions are to be held.

  3. Read the details

    On the category page, click on items on which you are interested in bidding. Each item has its own page that gives details, such as a description of the item, the time and place of the auction, the minimum opening bid, whether mail-in bids are accepted, where the item can be inspected, notice of encumbrances, and any other relevant information.