What Is Involved in Social Work Administration?


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Social work administration involves many short-term and long-term tasks, such as planning services, policy administration and development of new plans and options while staying within the organization's budget. It can also involve advocacy and organization of specific agencies underneath their department, according to SocialWorkers.org.

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Social work administration involves handling the business aspect of social work, such as handling the next year's budget to promote the maintaining of current services while also cutting costs without being detrimental to clients. A social work administrator must devise a plan to supplement projects that the organization considers most necessary while also being able to put the projects that can wait on hold. Administrators require excellent organizational skills to be able to complete their yearly and day to day tasks effectively.

Social work administrators require understanding of human behavior, social services and social problems to create effective plans and programs to help combat any increase in social problems within the United States. They must evaluate the effectiveness of programs and identify programs that lack support, all while managing the overarching strategies for the community or the department. Social work administrators must manage the personnel and the direction they take during social worker visits as well.

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