What Is Involved in Filing a Motion to Change a Family Court Order?


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Family courts in different states will have different rules with regard to filing a motion to change a family court order according to the according to the judicial branch of the Connecticut Courts. Filing a motion to change a family law court order is not difficult and can usually be done without an attorney.

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  • Contact the family court for forms and instructions on filing a petition.
  • Read all instructions and ensure there are proper grounds or circumstance changes to file the petition. For example, if the filing is for increased child support, the petitioner needs to show either a reduction in income or that the child has a legitimate need.
  • Complete all forms and organize all necessary documentation as requested by the court.
  • File the papers with the court. This is generally as simple as taking them to the court, having them stamped by a clerk and receiving a copy for recordkeeping and a copy to serve.
  • Serve the petition to the other parent.
  • Return the “proof of service" documentation that the court provides. This starts the courts end of getting a date set for a hearing to address the petition.

Anyone uncomfortable with these steps should contact an attorney for legal assistance.

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