What Is Intensive Supervision Probation?

Intensive supervision probation refers to close observation of an offender within the community rather than having the offender locked up in prison. This alternative ensures that an offender is monitored keenly in order to prevent him or her from causing further harm and ensuring he or she fulfills sentence requirements.

The offender may be placed under house arrest or may be required to pay several visits to the offices of the probation team in order to be assessed. Offenders are normally put on this form of probation if they fail the standard probation stipulation or if they are repeat offenders.

Offenders who complete intensive probation are then graduated to standard probation, which basically means a reduction in monitoring and more freedom to carry out his or her activities without supervision. Successful completion of standard probation leads to removal of all limitations and restoration of complete freedom to the offender.

Some of the things offenders may be required to do during intensive supervision probation include paying victim restitution and probation fees, undergoing treatment, engaging in community work, fulfilling all the requirements set by the court, living within the region approved by the court and submitting to any tests required by the probation team.