How Do You Inquire About Arrests in Gaston County?

Inquire about arrests made in Gaston County, North Carolina, by completing an Inmate Inquiry on the county's official website, located at From the county's home page, navigate to the Departments tab and select Sheriff. Next, select Inmate Search Disclaimer from the menu and accept the disclaimer of liability. On the inmate inquiry page, enter the name, subject number, booking number or booking date to search for an inmate and the corresponding arrest information.

The Inmate Inquiry tool on the Gaston County website provides detailed information about arrests, including a description of the charges, the date and time that the offense was committed, the crime class and the docket number. The tool also provides sentencing information once sentencing is complete.

An alternative way to research arrests in Gaston County is to visit one of the many law enforcement public records repositories on the Internet, including, and

Another way to get information on arrests in the county is to visit the online mug shot collection of the Gaston Gazette, the local newspaper. The Gazette retains the mug shots and associated arrest and booking information of all people booked in the last 11 days. The mug shots are presented chronologically by booking date.